About Us

Research and Innovation


The company's mission has always been to improve the quality of life of its own customers, by studying products aimed to meet the needs of men, women and children, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Our experience and research give rise to such a wide range of products for the care, welfare and protection of patients, always acting in full respect of ethics and environment.


The wide range of company's activities starts from research, formulation, development and control of the product, to the related registration with the Ministryof Health, design and production of packaging, through manufacturing and shipping.

For years Jeridi Pharma has been working on formulation and development of cosmetics, medical devices and OTC drugs, using both its own distributors and international distribution Companies.


Jeridi Pharma works mainly in the field of registration, manufacturing, purchase and sale of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics and promotional gadgets.


Jeridi Pharma also offers good practice laboratory services.