Dorà Idra-Bronze



Dorà Idra-bronze contains Unipertan Veg 2002 5%, a revolutionary active complex, which is able to increase the intensity of tanning up to 40%. Enriched with anti-aging and moisturizing active principles, plus Vitamins A, C, E.


The skin pigmentation depends mainly on the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, naturally present in the skin, in very low quantity and as inactive form.

The activation of the enzyme heavily depends on ultraviolet radiation and on the presence of specific compounds: ATP, Thyroxine and Riboflavin. Based on these scientific data, the innovative bio-complex called Unipertan VEG 2002 has been developed: once applied to the skin, it is able to lead, via transcutaneous absorption, Thyroxine, Riboflavin and ATP.


Comparative studies have shown that cosmetic emulsions based on Unipertan VEG 2002 5% allow to obtain more rapidly an intense and lasting tan. Moreover, the presence of Unipertan VEG 2002 induces an increased pigments formation and a reduction of the damaged caused by the solar rays to the epidermal cells.


Dorà Idra-bronze 125 ml has been specifically designed to to get a perfect tan in a very short time. Its formulation based on Unipertan VEG 2002 5%, together with anti-aging and  moisturizing active ingredients, plusVitamins A, C, E, which are natural tanning accelerators, is able to stimulate the production of melanin and ensures an anti-aging and anti-radical action.