Stretch Mark Body Cream

Stretch marks are strains of the skin, similar to scars, in which there is a reduction in the thickness of the dermis and a different coloration from the skin.

Stretch marks are caused by an excessive tension of the connective tissue (beyond the threshold of skin tolerance) that loses histological cohesion, causing a stretching of the dermis and the resulting lesion. The main causes are attributed to rapid changes in weight, pregnancy, hormonal actions, puberty, very intense sport muscle stress or genetic predisposition, and usually appear on areas such as hips, abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs and breasts.

There are several factors that can prevent or slow the formation of stretch marks, some basic as to avoid skin dehydration and to maintain and preserve the elasticity of the skin through the use of firming creams. There are also treatments based on hyaluronic acid that can reduce their size or make them less noticeable, especially if their appearance is recent.


The main active ingredients contained in Stretch Mark Body Cream are:


-   Hyaluronic acid and Collagen: to intensively hydrate the skin and to combat dehydration

-   Rice bran oil and phospholipids: to deeply nourish the skin, restoring its softness and elasticity
-   Allantoin and Panthenol: to ensure to the skin the proper cells turnover
-   Vitamin A, Vitamin E, essential aminoacids: fight free radical oxidation reactions and create cross-links between the fibrils of collagen and hyaluronic acid


The Stretch Mark Body Cream is a creamy emulsion formulated both to improve the elasticity of the skin subjected to severe stress and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, breasts, arms and thighs. It consolidates and strengthens the epidermis, favoring the regeneration of damaged fibers and stimulating the production of new fibers, more elastic. It also contributes to the aesthetic treatment of skin blemishes of different nature.