Leniten H - MD Class I CE

Adjuvant for the relief of symptoms associated with hemorroids

Medical Device CE


Leniten H is a cream useful to mitigate the symptoms of hemorroids and anal rhagades. Leniten H soothes itching and burning, and provides a protective, lubricating and refreshing action, giving to affected areas a positive feeling of relief and wellness. Thanks to its emollient properties, it helps to prevent the rise of irritation and congestion of peri-anal area.


Leniten H is indicated: 

in case of symptoms related to varicose anorectal syndrome

in presence of internal and external hemorroids and anal rhagades

in presence of proctitis with itching, burning and pain

for preventing the rise of irritations and congestions of peri-anal area


The ingredients complex acts sinergically to exert several benefits for hemorrhoids:

Shea butter: repairs skin damage, increases circulation

Glycosaminoglycans: tissue repair, strengthening of blood vessels and circulation

Escin:increases strength and tone of veins

Menthol: antipruritic and cooling

Ruscus: increases vascular tone and constricts blood vessels

Bilberry: strengthener of capillaries walls - anti-inflammatory

Vitis vinifera: improves blood circulation, strengthens arteries and veins

Rutin: antioxidant which strengthens capillaries

Cupressus oil: tonifier of the venous system

Lavandula angustifolia oil: antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


Tube 40ml with CE rectal cannula