Leniten Calm - MD Class I CE or Cosmetic

Adjuvant to the symptomatic treatment of dermatitis and skin irritations

Medical Device Class I CE or Cosmetic


Pollution, smoke, sun, wind, frequent washing and stress daily undergo our skin to external and internal aggressions. Our skin is generally an effective barrier. But when these pitfalls are on the rise, the skin barrier can fail and the skin can become highly reactive, irritated, red, cracked and more sensitive to external agents.

Especially in the newborn, when there is entrapment of organic liquids and diaper rubbing.


Leniten Calm calms, protects and soothes the irritated skin; it is also indicated for the prevention and treatment of dermatitisdue to exudation, eczema, rashes and as an adjunct in atopic dermatitis, due to the combination of:

ZINC OXIDE - acts like a barrier and protects the skin, enabling the restoration of the normal skin trophism.

CALENDULA - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing action which allows a rapid reduction of the irritation and the cicatrisation of small lesions.

CHAMOMILE - antibacterial, lenitive and anti-eczema action with immediate soothing of pain and reduction of the erythema and itching intensity.

SWEET ALMOND OIL - moisturizes, nourishes and softens dry or very dry skin


Due to its non-greasy formula, the cream spray is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

The spray is softer and smoother than pastes and its mechanical pump dispenser allows you to apply the cream without rubbing the affected area.



Spray on the red and chapped areas; repeat the application twice daily (or as required). For new born infants, repeat the application at every nappy change.