ZincOxide Spray - MD Class I CE or Cosmetic

Adjuvant to the symptomatic treatment of nappy rash, red and chapped skin

Medical Device Class I CE or Cosmetic


Nappy rash is a common problem and even with frequent nappy changes, most babies are likely to suffer at some point. The causes are sweating, humidity and stagnation of urine, as even the most absorbent nappy leaves some moisture on a baby’s delicate new skin. Nappy rash is distressing for your baby and for you. Zincoxide spray is a light, non-greasy spray which is easy to apply and creates a moisturising barrier to help prevent further irritation. The spray is softer and smoother than pastes and its mechanical pump dispenser allows you to apply the cream without rubbing the affected area. If your baby’s skin is really sore, this means you can protect it avoiding to touch it.


PREVENTION: apply ZincOxide Spray on dry skin after thorough cleansing, on a daily basis and at every diaper change the baby’s skin is provided with a protective barrier. 

TREATMENT: ZincOxide Spray enables the restoration of the normal skin trophism thanks to its antiseptic, hydrating and emollient action.


ZincOxide Spray calms, protects and soothes the irritated skin due to the combination of:

ZINC OXIDE - acts like a barrier and protects the skin, enabling the restoration of the normal skin trophism.

CALENDULA - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing action which allows a rapid reduction of the irritation and the cicatrization of small lesions.

CHAMOMILE - antibacteric, lenitive and anti-eczema action with immediate soothing of pain and reduction of the erythema and itching intensity.

SWEET ALMOND OIL - moisturises, nourishes and softens dry or very dry skin



Spray on the red and chapped areas after thorough cleansing; repeat the application twice daily (or as required). For new born infants, repeat the application at every nappy change.