Leniten Gyn Vaginal Gel - MD Class I CE

Moisturizing and lubricant gel, useful for soothing the symptoms of vaginal irritation and itching.


Leniten Gyn Vaginal gel is useful for soothing the symptoms of irritation and itching, with viscosity characteristics very similar to the natural vaginal mucus. The addition of Avena (Oat) proteins and Plant Stem cells increase the moisturizing and soothing properties, and promote the tissue renewal, useful in case of vaginal dryness and after vaginal infections.


Leniten Gyn Vaginal gel does not contain perfume but, favouring the physiological pH restoration, is able to attenuate the unpleasant smells.


Leniten Gyn Vaginal gel is indicated:

·  in case of vaginal dryness, even combined with irritation, itching and micro-lesions;

·  to promote the restoration of proper vaginal pH as a result of infections;

·  to facilitate sexual intercourse and gynecological exploration


Leniten Gyn Vaginal gel is transparent, does not stain the underwear and is microbiologically tested.


Product benefits:

·  Rapid relief of symptoms of vaginal dryness

·  Soothing action during vaginal medication

·  Restores hydration

·  Prevents irritation from rubbing (tight underwear or clothes, use of panty liners and sanitary towel)

·  Quickly acts against itching and burning

·  Facilitates sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and gynecological explorations

·  Rebalances the vaginal pH in the outcomes of bacterial vaginosis or fungal infections (candidiasis)

·  The vaginal gel is water based, leaves no residue on clothes and it is compatible with latex condoms.


Tube 40 ml with CE vaginal cannula